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Aliancys + Employability Manager

new client Aliancys

We are delighted to welcome Aliancys as new user of the Employability Manager

Aliancys is a leading global company active in the sales of Quality Resins for composite applications. Together with its customers, Aliancys is pushing the limits of both composite part manufacturing and performance. Taking an integral approach to new product development, Aliancys is using its full expertise in resin chemistry, material science, and component manufacturing for shaping new applications in composites. So let’s talk and increase our mutual business success, both today and tomorrow. The company’s headquarters are based in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. Aliancys is a joint venture of CVC Capital Partners and Royal DSM.

Aliancys can build on a 50 year track record of supplying composite resins. Previously serving the market under the name DSM Composite Resins, Aliancys has a heritage of quality, innovation and sustainability.

If you would like to know more about Aliancys please visit aliancys.com

If like to know more about the Employability Manager, visit employabilitymanager.com

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