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eHealth + TailorBuilder


The healthcare industry is facing a turbulent period. An ageing population and pressure on budgets bring along difficult challenges. New solutions are needed to keep the level or care equal. One of the most obvious solutions is the use of modern information technologies, so called ehealth.

Ehealth is a general term which encompasses all uses of modern technology in the healthcare industry. Just as in the daily life the use of these modern technologies is growing ever more and in the healthcare they have already proven to contribute to cost reductions, more effective care and an improvement of the quality.

An aspect within ehealth with a lot of potential is the use of internet for giving advice and counselling.

The idea of digital counselling is appealing for both health care providers as patients, however there are still only a few proper applications. Although health care providers want to create an ehealth application, they often have difficulties with developing one.

With the TailorBuilder we have tried to develop the ideal tool that can assist health care providers with the educating and counselling of patients / respondents and giving personalised feedback.

The TailorBuilder is an online tool which is easy to use, but at the same time contains all the possibilities to set up large and complex researches and to provide education.

Personalise both the questions as the feedback to individual respondents. Use advanced routing and skip possibilities to guide respondents through your survey. Automatically send reminders to respondents for a follow-up survey. Adapt the entire lay-out to your own wishes and use various sorts of media like photos, audio and videos.

Whether you would like to give advice on smoking cessation or on better nutrition, the TailorBuilder allows you to make the most out of your e-health application.

Would you like to learn about the TailorBuilder? Please visit www.tailorbuilder.com


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