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Electronic logbook shift work


Logbooks have always been a part of the manufacturing process. However with 24 hour production processes and multiple shifts a day, logbooks have become an essential information source.

When a new shift starts, operators and the team-chef need to be informed of the events that occurred during the previous shift. Were there any incidents during the last shift? Any repairs? Is maintenance needed on one of the lines? Communication is vital for keeping the manufacturing process continuously running, for maintaining the safety and for improving efficiency.

Properly transferring and storing this information is not an easy task, especially when using paper logbooks. Retrieving information about certain events can be painstakingly difficult, as is the filing of the daily logs in those endless cabinets.

Digitalising the logbook can help to make the information transfer simpler and efficient. It helps overcome the normal troubles of using paper logbooks.

Logbook software
Software developed specifically for shift handovers are great tools for streamlining the communication between various parts of the organisation. These tools contribute to the effectiveness of the production process as workers and management can easily keep track of the daily events that occur during production.

The operators that work in the shift team are quickly up-to-date of anything that has happened during the previous shift. If there is something that requires their attention during the current shift, like maintenance or repair work, they know before the shift starts by reading the notes in the logbook.

For team-chefs and managers it is possible to give instructions, set KPI’s and schedule when certain actions need to take place (e.g. record important variables, like sampling or temperature). Using a specific software tool they have more control over who of the team-members read the instructions and who is aware of possible repairs or special circumstances.

Software specially developed for shift work makes that the whole process of a shift handover is simplified and improved. It makes the life of team-chefs much easier, since they can now focus on the actual manufacturing process.

The use of proper logbook software also engages the workforce since they can communicate more directly with their colleagues and superiors. Solutions for any problems or ideas for innovation can easily be suggested and picked up by management. Which helps to make workers feel valued and helps make the production process more efficient.

The Shift Communicator is an example of an online electronic logbook for shift work. Learn more at www.shiftcommunicator.com


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