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Equipment Manager at Sitech

Sjaak Rook, Plant Equipment Manager Engineer at IAZI (Sitech) on his experiences with the Equipment Manager and the RIE (risk inventory and evaluation).


"Recently Sitech Park Services has decided to update the machinery RIE of all equipment of the water cleaning installation IAZI (Integrated Waste Water Purifying Installation) on the Chemelot terrain.

The update of the machinery RIE has been executed by an external company which has a lot of experience with setting up RIE's.

The mechanics can use the web-based Equipment Manager to find all the information about the equipment. Then, on site (right next to the machine), the RIE can be filled in. This also makes it possible to determine problems and any deviations can immediately be  registered and photographed.

The huge advantage is that everything can be done on site, it is 'first time right'. The inspector can then report that the RIE for a machine is ready by checking the box in the Equipment Manager. After a definitive ready of the inspector the RIE can no longer be changed.

After completion of the RIE the SHE-officer can check it and has the possibility to make adjustments and place remarks. At the same time the SHE-officer  can ensure that any defects can be fixed by creating work orders for the maintenance department.

Each RIE has a duration of three years. Two months prior to the expiration date the external inspection company is automatically notified by email that a machine RIE is about to expire and that they can arrange a visit for revision. Also the SHE-officer receives a mail when expiration is nearby, to remind him of the upcoming revision of the RIE.

Besides the machinery RIE we have also began to add a number of tasks for production employees. At the beginning of their shift they can now login to the Equipment Manager and immediately get an overview of the tasks they have to do this shift. Usually these are tasks that need to be performed regularly and which require a ready report.

A good example is the monthly check of 36 pumps. The operator can take his iPad on site to the pumps and after checking a pump fill in oil pressure and temperature in a template. This template can be designed ourselves and be adjusted for each type of equipment.

Once the operator has finished the check of a pump he then registers it in the Equipment Manager. His successor, for example from the night shift, can login to the Equipment Manager and sees exactly which pumps still need to be checked. As long as a pump is not checked it keeps appearing in the overview. After the checking a pump disappears from the list, only to appear again after one-month when it needs to be checked again.

We are very pleased with the Equipement Manager and are always looking for more ways to use this comprehensive web-based tool.

More about Sitech can be found on www.sitech.nl

For more information about the Equipment Manager please visit eqm.ose.nl

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