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Intertaste + Employability Manager and EduBuilder



We are delighted to welcome Intertaste as new user of the Employability Manager and EduBuilder.

Intertaste develops and produces quality foods based on natural ingredients from all over the world. Together with their customers, Intertaste constantly devise and produce new and surprising flavours. This results in a wide range of semi-manufactured and end products, including herbs and spices, seasonings, dry mixes and soups, coatings, dressings, marinades and sauces.

Intertaste products can be found in virtually every kitchen, though consumers will never recognise the name 'Intertaste'. Yet they have a great reputation among European food producers, food service and retailers. For many of them, Intertaste is the taste maker working in the background.

If you like to learn more, please visit the website: Employability Manager, EduBuilder or Intertaste

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