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Trespa + Employability Manager

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Math Coppen, HR manager Trespa International B.V.

"We have been working with the Employability Manager (EMMA) for over a year now. Setup was simple as promised by OSE, which meant that after a short introduction we could get started. Within the first year we have implemented EMMA throughout the entire production!

By using EMMA the ownership of education is now in the hands of employees and managers. We as company are more in control when it comes to organizing training courses, and are no longer one step behind. Now we can determine in advance which training courses and instructions need to be done by each employee. The development plan that is produced by EMMA gives us a clear overview of the courses we need to schedule.

The support from OSE is excellent, any questions are answered quickly. Even specific changes within EMMA are possible which allows us to adjust EMMA even more to the wishes of our organisation."

More on Trespa: http://www.trespa.com/uk/who-we-are

Other companies have also shared their experience with the Employability Manager, check out what they have to say here: https://www.employabilitymanager.com/en/clients.html

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