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What do we do at OverNite Software Europe


OverNite Software Europe (OSE) is a name which may be familiar to you, but certainly some people have never heard from us. What is it exactly what we do? And why is this interesting for you?

What we do is easy; we create software tools.

Why this is interesting for you? Also easy. Our software tools can help to make your life easier and make your organisation perform better.

Our focus lies in software applications that are used in high-risk production companies (chemical, food and healthcare industry) to support the production process and the performance of employees.

What sets us apart from other software companies is the fact that our origin lies in HRM and production environments. Our most senior colleagues have a long history in working and consulting at chemical and other production facilities which allows us to create software applications that are functional, easy to use and value adding on all levels of the organisation.

We can help you to get a grip on on the training and education of employees. Create your own e-learning material. Improve the safety at your organisation. Ensure a better handover of shifts and more.

See how we can help you at www.ose.nl/en/products or contact us on info@ose.nl


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